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Week 1 down of taking The Seed and I’ve lost 2kg. Week 2 and I can feel my clothing loosening up but no weight down this week. By the end of my 28 days I had lost 5kg and had gone from a very tight size 12 to a very loose size 10.  By the end of the following month I was a size 8, I had lost 8kg in total and a lot of cm around my body.

But…it was not all fun for me to lose the weight.  My friend seemed to be doing fine while I had some terrible side effects.  My skin was sore, I felt like I was struggling to move, I was bloated, I had no energy, I was up and down to the bathroom and even had nausea at times.

When I told my friend a week into me taking The Seed that I wanted to quit she asked me if I was doing what the pamphlet said….i was not… not enough water, from the time I started drinking a lot more water and eating my bananas and oranges my body started to react differently.  About  a week later my body had adjusted and I could feel the difference.

You really are as good as you feel.  I am grateful for The Seed and my new body:}

- Cat. xxx

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I decided to stop smoking, and as you know with quitting my weight ballooned from 62kg’s to 78Kg’s, I was desperate to stop smoking but also could not handle the weight gain.  I did that low carbohydrate, high fat diet which actually wasn’t bad but I could not just eat what everyone else was eating, which made things at home difficult.  I did it for 3 months and lost a whopping 3kg’s.  Yay! Not! What a bloody waste of time, I followed it to the T and at that rate; I might reach my original weight in just under 2 years.

Anyway, a friend of mine was a distributor for The Seed, a colleague and I decided to take it and see what happened.  We were both overweight.

Anyway, seemed simple enough, make sure you drink water and just pop it in your mouth like a pill.

I took it for 2 weeks, noticed absolutely no change, and had no weight or cm loss and I thought to myself ag this kak does not work. To my shock and horror, my friend however, well let’s just say it worked like a bomb for her and she lost 6k’s in 2 weeks, so I thought to myself just stick to it and see what happens. I carried on taking it as it is was a 52-day supply.  I made sure I drank enough water because, to be honest, that was the one thing I was not very good at, and really how hard is it to drink water? Surely, I can do that.


Well I tell you by the end of the month, I could feel my clothes getting looser and looser. No real, weight loss as such. But cm’s and cm’s. Eventually my clothes were loose on me, and by the end of the 52 days, my clothes were hanging. I had lost kilos but my weight loss was more centimetres than kilos. I was over the moon. My colleague lost kilo after kilo and I was fine with that, because I guess that is just the way my body worked, it chowed centimetres.


I took another 52-day supply and by this time wanted to make sure I never lost this stuff and became a distributor myself.  At the end of the next 52 days I had lost a total of 16 flipping kilos and was almost back to my original weight.  I was ecstatic.


The thing I love about The Seed, is that you don’t have to change your diet.  AT ALL.  It says do not have chocolate and alcohol, I have done both and never noticed any difference.  Like all things in this world if done properly, it does work. Water and The Seed everyday.  That’s all.


Nowadays when I notice that my weight is going up (Obviously if you do not change your diet and eat better, the weight will start coming back.) again I just pop The Seed for a week or 2, works like a bomb.  And like I said I have not changed my diet, still eat what I want, when I want and then some.

I have done and been on every diet known to man. And this has been the simplest, easiest weight loss I have ever experienced.